The unique characteristics of Molybdenum (Moly) - a Refractory Metal

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Molybdenum (Moly) - Vacuum Furnace - Refractory Engineers (Indiana)Molybdenum is a refractory metal that is very useful in many industrial processes and applications that would not be possible with many of the more common metals and alloys. Refractory metals and alloys are extraordinarily resistant to heat and have unique physical properties. Because of these properties, Molybdenum or Moly is useful in many high temperature applications where high melting points are required. Molybdenum also exhibits good strength at elevated temperatures, making moly particularly useful in vacuum furnace and similar applications.


Characteristics of molybdenum


  • High Melting Temperature, 2620C
  • Load bearing capabilities at temperatures up to 1600C
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Low vapor pressure at high temperature; low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Resistance to corrosion; high temperature strength

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