Aluminum Industry

Aluminum Industry Refractory Services (Ceramic Technology, Inc.)Ceramic Technology Inc. (CTI) provides services to Aluminum Plants and Foundries across the country. We provide shutdown maintenance work on all types of aluminum melting and holding furnaces/vessels. We offer a variety of different linings for these units – shotcrete, brick, castable, marinite, and more. CTI is capable of any size of repair, from a small patch job to a complete furnace reline. We also provide 24/7 maintenance repairs for any emergency shutdowns.


In addition, Refractory Engineers supplies the aluminum industry with any and all high temperature products needed such as:  Castables, Plastics, Refractory Brick, Ceramic Fiber Insulation, Marinite Board, Alumina Titanate Tubes, Globars, Crucibles, Thermcouples, etc.

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