Hard Brick

Refractory Engineers, Inc. (REI) is a one-stop source for all refractory brick needs. Hard refractory bricks are used where the most demanding applications are anticipated. Hard bricks are very dense and durable and used for their structural qualities. They can be found most often as the main building component of large furnaces, kilns, chimneys, fireboxes and burner ports—anywhere around direct flame.

REI also supplies hard brick for AOD vessels, steel ladles, gasifiers, and more.

All of these refractory brick are supplied in straights and many other different shapes:  semi-universals, soaps, splits, arches, wedges, skews, etc.

Hard Brick Grades

  • Low Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • High Duty
  • Super Duty
  • High-Fired Super Duty
  • High Alumina
  • Magnesia Carbon
  • Magnesia Chrome
  • Basic Bricks
  • Bubble Alumina

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