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Posted 7:56 PM

Ceramic Insulators - Custom Ceramics - Refractory Engineers (Indiana)Refractory Engineers, Inc. is a leading supplier of custom ceramic parts for high temperature applications. We offer a full line of advanced ceramic parts in many different materials:

  • Alumina
  • Zirconia 
  • Silicon Carbide 
  • Cordierite 
  • Mullite
  • And MORE

Advanced Ceramics are used in many industires including: energy, smelting, metallurgy, electrical, mechanical, chemical engineering, heat treat, and many others. We carry a full-line of thermocouple insulators as well as high alumina insulators for vacuum furnaces. We also supply ceramic plates, setter plates, and other kiln furniture for high temperature applications. We can provide custom ceramic shapes to work in many different applications. Get a hold of Refractory Engineers, Inc. for any of your custom ceramic needs.

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