Crematory and Incinerator Repair & Maintenance in Ohio

Refractory Experts

Posted 5:59 PM

Cremation units and incinerators are lined with high temperature refractory materials. Rather than paying high prices and going back to the manufacturer of the crematory unit, get a hold of Ceramic Technology, Inc. for any materials and repairs needed.

Ceramic Technology, Inc. performs refractory and insulation repairs and supplies materials to funeral homes and cremation equipment all around Ohio and the Midwest. We handle everything from a small patch in the crematorium, to a full refractory reline.

Below shows a recent backwall repair (Before & After) Ceramic Technoloy, Inc. made on a customer's crematorium:

Crematory Repair Ohio - Cremation Repair Ohio - Incinerator Repair Ohio           Crematory Repair Ohio - Cremation Repair Ohio - Incinerator Repair Ohio


Some customers handle their own maintenance, and for them we supply all the materials needed:

  • Firebrick
  • Castables
  • Patching Materials
  • Ceramic Fiber
  • Thermocouples

We can mobilize and respond to emergency situations very quickly to get your unit back up and running. Get a hold of us today for any crematorium repair needs.


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