Advantages of Globar Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

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Posted 3:49 PM

Globar - Heating Elements - Silicon Carbide - Refractory Engineers (Indiana)Silicon Carbide (Globar) Heating Elements are the most cost-effective and versatile heating element on the market. Globar (SiC) electric heating elements are designed for high temperature (1800F - 3000F) thermal processing applications - for use in furnaces or kilns as a radiant heat source. As the most efficient, cost-effective and versatile heating element on the market, Globar elements are used in many types of industrial furnaces and are often found in both the aluminum and heat treating industries. Globar elements are available in a wide variety of sizes and geometries - customized to meet your specific product, process, and furnace criteria.




  • Economical, dependable, clean, quiet, and safe
  • No fuel availability of storage problems. No noxious fuel exhaust to be ducted away
  • Mounting versatility. Globars can be mounted horizontally or vertically inside the furnace chamber to surround the product being heated
  • Efficiently handle a wide range of products and atmospheres
  • Elements that operate at 600F, up to 3000F

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