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Refractory Engineers, Inc. supplies Bauxite Foundry Sand (Supersand) to foundries and casting plants around the USA and abroad. Bauxite Foundry Sand (SuperSand) also goes by trade names such as: Green Beads, MinSand, Green Sand, Ceramic Beads, and Spherical Beads. It is an artificial foundry sand that is regarded as the right substitute for chromite sand, zircon sand, fused silica sand, and even silica sand. It is well regarded as a revolutionary new foundry sand. 

Many foundries are running into the issue of silicosis and facility wide silica levels being a concern since the announcement of the increased PEL limits. To address this, a number of foundries are converting their silica sand to a ceramic media like SuperSand. Our SuperSand offers many benefits over Zircon, Chromite, Silica, as well as other ceramic sands (cost savings included).

Bauxite Foundry Sand (SuperSand) is a spherically shaped bauxite sand manufactured by melting bauxite in an Electric Arc Furnace followed by a proprietary spraying process. SuperSand beaded foundry sand provides a unique combination of spherical shape grain, chemistry, and physical properties that result in numerous performance advantages compared with other foundry sands. Our Ceramic Foundry Sand performs very well comparatively to Chromite, and Zircon sands and has replaced these sands and Silica sand in many foundry and casting applications. The grain surface is much smoother than other foundry sands, leading to better castings. 

                                             SuperSand - Ceramic Sand - Ceramsite - Cerabeads

Benefits of SuperSand include:

  • SuperSand offers longer work life and reduction of sand usage
  • SuperSand’s spherical shape compared with angular shaped grains allows for easier separation from cast parts and improved collapsibility resulting in lower scrap and casting efficiency
  • SuperSand offers lots of price savings compared with Zircon, and Chromite
  • SAFE – to environment compared with Silica (silicosis) sand
  • Lower thermal expansion and Thermal Conductivity. Casting dimensions are more accurate and lower conductivity provides better mold performance
  • Requires 40-50% less resin
  • Can be used as a single sand
  • Offers lower true specific gravity and specific surface area
  • Improved durability compared with other foundry sands

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