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Ceramic Casting Media for Foundries

Posted 6:56 PM
Our ceramic foundry sand, SuperSand, offers many benefits over Zircon, Chromite, and Silica sand. It's spherical nature leads to better castings, less machining, and cost savings. It is also 100% environmentally friendly. Convert your silica sand to our Supersand today!

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Refractory Removal & Tear Out

Posted 6:31 PM
CTI provides complete refractory tear out and removal. This is followed up with complete refractory replacement and dry-out services

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Ceramic Foundry Sand USA

Posted 7:33 PM
Refractory Engineers, Inc. supplies Ceramic Foundry Sand to foundries and casting plants around the USA

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Ceramic Sand for Foundries

Posted 5:19 PM
Our SuperSand (Ceramsite) performs very well comparatively to Cerabeads, Chromite, and Zircon sands and has replaced these sands in many foundry applications.

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Kentucky Firebrick

Posted 8:17 PM
Refractory Engineers, Inc. is your one stop shop for firebrick in Kentucky and the Midwest. We carry a full-line of fire brick for use in furnaces, ovens, kilns, and boilers. We offer best pricing and top quality firebrick products for high temperature applications.

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