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Refractory Engineers, Inc. (REI), in business since 1962, distributes high quality refractory materials and high temperature consumable products through the Midwest.

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REI and CTI provide refractory products and services, including boiler and furnace shutdown maintenance, for many industries and industrial applications.

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construction services

Ceramic Technology, Inc. (CTI), located in Indianapolis, provides refractory construction services and engineering throughout the Midwest.

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Molybdenum is a refractory metal that is very useful in many industrial processes and applications that would not be possible with many of the more common metals and alloys. Refractory metals and alloys are extraordinarily resistant to heat and have unique physical properties. Because of these properties, Molybdenum or Moly is useful in many high temperature applications where high melting points are required. Molybdenum also exhibits good strength at elevated temperatures, making moly particularly useful in vacuum furnace and similar applications.


Characteristics of molybdenum


  • High Melting Temperature, 2620C
  • Load bearing capabilities at temperatures up to 1600C
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Low vapor pressure at high temperature; low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Resistance to corrosion; high temperature strength

Contact Refractory Engineers, Inc. for any of your Moly Product needs and other vacuum furnace products.


Silicon Carbide (Globar) Heating Elements are the most cost-effective and versatile heating element on the market. Globar (SiC) electric heating elements are designed for high temperature (1800F - 3000F) thermal processing applications - for use in furnaces or kilns as a radiant heat source. As the most efficient, cost-effective and versatile heating element on the market, Globar elements are used in many types of industrial furnaces and are often found in both the aluminum and heat treating industries. Globar elements are available in a wide variety of sizes and geometries - customized to meet your specific product, process, and furnace criteria.




  • Economical, dependable, clean, quiet, and safe
  • No fuel availability of storage problems. No noxious fuel exhaust to be ducted away
  • Mounting versatility. Globars can be mounted horizontally or vertically inside the furnace chamber to surround the product being heated
  • Efficiently handle a wide range of products and atmospheres
  • Elements that operate at 600F, up to 3000F

Get a hold of Refractory Engineers, Inc. for any heating element or high temperature product needs.


Insulation Burn TowerMarinite Board is the preferred burn building insulation material used in Fire Fighters training facilities. Marinite requires less maintenance than other training tower systems and will save you money by prolonging the life of your training tower burn building.


  • Marinite combines structural strength with high thermal insulation values which reduces temperature offering superior protection to fire fighters. 
  • Marinite resists cracking and spawling while standing up to rapid heating and cooling cycles experienced in flashover and live fire training.
  • Marinite is incombustible, damage resistant and non-corroding. The 4' x 8' sheet is available in many thicknesses and is easily fabricated and shipped to you to fit any new construction building or as an existing building replacement panel.

Get a hold of Ceramic Technology for any Burn Tower repair needs.

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