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Refractory Engineers, Inc. (REI), in business since 1962, distributes high quality refractory materials and high temperature consumable products through the Midwest.

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REI and CTI provide refractory products and services, including boiler and furnace shutdown maintenance, for many industries and industrial applications.

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construction services

Ceramic Technology, Inc. (CTI), located in Indianapolis, provides refractory construction services and engineering throughout the Midwest.

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Cremation units and incinerators are lined with high temperature refractory materials. Rather than paying high prices and going back to the manufacturer of the crematory unit, get a hold of Ceramic Technology, Inc. for any materials and repairs needed.

Ceramic Technology, Inc. performs refractory and insulation repairs and supplies materials to funeral homes and cremation equipment all around Indiana and the Midwest. We handle everything from a small patch in the crermatorium, to a full refractory reline.

Below shows a recent backwall repair (Before & After) Ceramic Technoloy, Inc. made on a customer's crematorium:

Crematory Repair Indiana - Cremation Repair Indiana - Incinerator Repair Indiana           Crematory Repair Indiana - Cremation Repair Indiana - Incinerator Repair Indiana


Some customers handle their own maintenance, and for them we supply all the materials needed:

  • Firebrick
  • Castables
  • Patching Materials
  • Ceramic Fiber
  • Thermocouples

We can mobilize and respond to emergency situations very quickly to get your unit back up and running. Get a hold of us today for any crematorium repair needs.


Thermal Oxidizer Repair - Thermal Oxidizer Insulation - Thermal Oxidizer Media - IndianaA thermal oxidizer (TO) is a process unit for air pollution control found in many chemical and manufacturing plants. TO's decompose hazardous gases at a high temperature, and release them into the atmosphere. They are more or less fancy incinerators. There are a handful of types of thermal oxidizers:

  • Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (TO)
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Thermal Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer
  • Regenerative Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer
  • Recuperative Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer

Ceramic Technology, Inc. performs thermal oxidizer repairs on a variety of different TO units located around Indiana and the Midwest. We offer 24/7 response time in case of any necessary emergency work needed due to hot-spots on the thermal oxidizer. We also supply ceramic fiber insulation and ceramic catalyst media to many customers with thermal oxidizers and offer full relines and turn-key repairs on these units. We have been able to provide a lot of cost savings vs. going back to the OEMs. Get a hold of Ceramic Technology, Inc. today!




Ceramic Insulators - Custom Ceramics - Refractory Engineers (Indiana)Refractory Engineers, Inc. is a leading supplier of custom ceramic parts for high temperature applications. We offer a full line of advanced ceramic parts in many different materials:

  • Alumina
  • Zirconia 
  • Silicon Carbide 
  • Cordierite 
  • Mullite
  • And MORE

Advanced Ceramics are used in many industires including: energy, smelting, metallurgy, electrical, mechanical, chemical engineering, heat treat, and many others. We carry a full-line of thermocouple insulators as well as high alumina insulators for vacuum furnaces. We also supply ceramic plates, setter plates, and other kiln furniture for high temperature applications. We can provide custom ceramic shapes to work in many different applications. Get a hold of Refractory Engineers, Inc. for any of your custom ceramic needs.

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